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Twist in Harman – Surbhi’s wedding

Harman Surbhi’s wedding begins. While doing Saat Phere, apart from Harman and Surbhi – Soumya is also rotating around the fire. Surbhi is holding Soumya’s hand promising she now there to support her. The priest shouts to Surbhi, marriage is not some childish game.

Surbhi’s IV: Just to prove that I am not here to take Soumya’s place in Harman’s life , I made Soumya to take ‘Saat Phere’. I am doing this just to help Soumya.

Suddenly, groups of ‘Kinner”s comes that scolds Soumya for all this. Soumya holds her hands and begs them not to interfere. Preeto also tells Soumya it’s better for her life to leave Harman and this house now.

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