Subh Bhoj for Goinka Family

A grand feast is being taken place post engagement.

Kartik’s IV: Now Naira is my official Fiance, so ‘Subh Bhoj’ is being organised. A traditional Rajasthani feast is being served where everyone must sit on the floor to have the feast. Goinka’s were amused as they always eat on dinning table, not on floor.

Naira’s IV: This is first time for Goinka family, so first they even refuse to sit on floor to eat, but Kartik saves the day. He first sits down on floor to eat, so everyone else follows for him.

Dadi finds problem with food as she won’t eat anything oily.

Kartik’s IV: Dadi has problem with everything in this marriage. First I am having love marriage, which she didn’t want. Second I am leaving house and gonna live independent that too she didn’t like. So she is having problem with anything.

Naira’s IV: Inside a ‘Kachauri’ Kaartik’s papa finds a letter which was meant for Kartik. Everyone laughs eventually.

Before leaving finally Dadi hugs Naira.

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