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Khabar Station – 11th Jan 2017

1. Thapki: Bihaan’s family is kicked out from the house. Thapki had to tell them to leave house crying. Thapki/Bihaan’s funny IV.

2. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil: Naina is drunk. Does something similar to DDLJ’s Kajol when she was drunk.
Raaghav’s IV: I find drunk Naina inside car’s trunk. Instead of taking her to homme, I take her to hotel where some funny scenes happen.

3. Udaan: Suraj still tied as Banduwa by Kamalnarayan in cow shed. Chakor comes to meet him.
Suraaj’s IV: Don’t know what to do as both his and Chakor’s life might get into danger.

4. Naamkaran: Avni finally tries to flee kidnappers.
Avni’s IV: Have been hurt very much by the kidnappers. Fainted many times by the torture.

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