Kaira’s secret romance

U Me & TV: Kartik & Naira are meeting secretly post engagement.

Naira’s IV: According to Kartik’s dadi, post engagement the couple should not meet before marriage. Even my Mami repeats the same and says its better to not meet before marriage.

Kartik wants to fulfill his wish to have runaway marriage with Naira like in the movies. So Naira puts her hands over Kartik’s shoulders like garland. Kartik does same to Naira. Both of them give soft hug to each other before the younger family members comes and interrupts them. They take them away from each other.

At home Kartik is anxiously waiting for Naira’s message or call. Kartik’s sisters teases him.

On the sets Kartik was having fun flying kites during shoot breaks.

IBN7: Despite getting engaged Kaira has been restricted by Kartik’s Dadi to meet, so today the younger team has brought them to meet outside the house. They hug each other and few romantic scenes.

SBB: Kaira is running away from youngsters and hiding behind cars. They needed lonesome time before wedding, but Dadi has strictly advised them not to meet before marriage.

IV: sames as U Me & TV

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