Talli Naina creates scene in snowfall

Promo showed Drunken drama of Naina on top of  a public bus.. Raghav trying hard to control her.

U Me & TV: seedhi saadhi ke sheela avtaar , naina gets drunk, she does lots of hungama .. in the snow …in plain chiffon Georgette .. she is so affected by Veer’s taunts that she has made up her mind to prove ehr brother innocent .. in order to do that she hides into the boot of a car of Mehra family . raghav discovers her and pulls her out , but she catches the chill and he offers her some wine . 

strangely raghav does not attempts to snatch away that bottle from her as she goes on drinking 

Raghav’s IV: He says she was feeling chilly , he runs inside to grab he rjackt but when he returns he finds her busy consuming alcohol to beat the chill . he agrees to it this wine has been given by Raghav to beat the chill but she over does it .

Naina IV: they reveal how they enjoyed shooting this scene an they actually had fun and mast .. the scene was shot with many cameras at various angles and they did the shot in one go and it was very realistic.

SBS: Naina drinks cognac given by Raghav in order to kill the severe coldness in the snowfall. But she drinks too much and is now out of control doing strange things like DDLJ scene.
Raghav’s IV: I gave him cognac, but now she is drunk.

IBN7: Same as above U Me & TV / SBS

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