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Twist in Don & Naina’s story

SBB: Rani’s lookalike Naina has entered the story and even Raja is now Don. When Don sees vibrant Naina in festival, he think she is Rani and hold her by hand. Naina cries but Don keeps on torturing her by holding her head by other hand.

Naina’s IV: Naina is vibrant and cheerful girl. She doesn’t know who Raja is and don’t care about him.

Raja/Don: I have become mean and fierce in last 10 years. Even somewhat Mad.

Naina finally warns Don to leave her else she will throw chilli power on his face. Finally inspector comes and settles the matter by scolding Naina.

SBS: Raja/Don holds Naina’s hand strongly thinking she is Rani, but she is just a look alike. Inspector saves Naina.

IV’s : Same as SBB.

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