Dadi slaps Raghav for misbehaving with Nani

U Me & TV: Dadi slaps Veer for misbehaving with Naina. Veer is doing everything to kick Naina out from the house.
Even Sajana is blaming Naina for all this. She is saying Naina is doing all this to get Veer back.
Sajana brings a SMS message proof claiming to be sent by Naina to Veer which reads; I love you Veer, I always wanted you but I am getting married to someone else. How I wish to be with you.
Dadi is not speaking a word.

Naina says she never sent any kind of messages to Veer, I have never seen such message before.
Even when Naina says same to Raghav even he is not supporting Naina.
Naina’s mom comes and takes Naina away.

Veer’s IV: Definitely Naina will bounce back, she is a fighter. I am afraid, but its part and parcel of the character.

SBS: Dadi slaps Veer for misbehaving with Naina. Sajana comes and blames Naina instead. Same as U Me & TV.

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