Vivek & Divyanka wishes Lohri to everyone

Vivek and Divyanka wishes everyone Happy Lohri. Divankya says she doesn’t know much about the festival but Vivek is from northern part of India so he might be able to explain more.
Vivek tells its celebration of harvesting, mainly celebrated by Sikhs. There will be bornfire, popcorn, revadis, etc. Its wonderful festival and used to have fun when I was in Candigarh, but in Mumbai both of us are busy so it doesn’t even feel like festival anymore. I wish I could go home along with Divyanka and show her local traditional Lohri.

Reporter teases Vivek for speaking fine Urdu and tells him to say something beautiful to Divyanka, but Vivek says he won’t be able to perform in front of camera but can say something special in her ears. Divyanka blushes.
Divyanka leaves for a shot.

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