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Preeto’s new plan

SBS: Preeto asks Soumya to give her ‘Mangal Sutra’ and when baba comes to house, baba refused to give ‘prashad’ to Soumya as she is not wearing ‘Mangal Sutra’. Preeto immediately brings Surbhi’s ‘Mangal Sutra’ and hands Soumya telling its hers. She tells her to wear.

Shurbhi’s IV: Preeto will be playing these kind of games every now and then with either Surbhi or Soumya. Today Baba brought Lohri’s ‘prashad’ and refused to give to Soumya as she had no mangal sutra. Preeto snatches my mangalsutra and hands to Soumya to make me feel small.

SBB: Segment starts with Harman teaching Soumya to do ‘Bhangra’ for Lohri. She can’t learn properly and falls upon Harman. Harman still tries to each her and Surbhi comes there. Soumya tells Harman he should dance with Surbhi. Harman becomes angry and leaves.

2nd Segment is same as SBS with Mangalsutra exhange.

Somes new IVs are there with Preeto & Surbhi.

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