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Nidhi’s jailbreak

SBS: Sohail will help Nidhi to jail break. She will use a blanket and smoke to run away from the jail. Soon we will witness comeback of Nidhi, this time much stronger and more evil than before.

SBAS: Vivek along with Raman is trying to catch Sohail, while Ishita is trying to decipher Sohail’s jail entrance. During firebreak in jail, Ishita understood Sohail and Nidhi’s game plan of jailbreak. Followed by Ishita & Nidhi’s confrontation in the jail. Ishita’s warning to Nidhi to stay away from Ruhi. Ruhi’s heartbreak after knowing Sohail’s intention and identity. Raman & Vivek’s hunting for the MMS case clue.

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