Tanuja remembers her past life

U Me & TV: Tanjua remembers her past life after the accident. She goes to Kali Maa’s temple where she remembers her past life. She goes to Rishi to tell about it. She says she is his Tanu from past life. They both are clearing their misunderstandings. Rishi gets down on knees and kisses Tanu’s hand.

Tanjua’s IV: Normally people remembers forgotten stuff after accident, but I am remembering my past life. There was too much going in past few days, accident, hospitalized, fight with Rishi, reaching temple, etc . Looks like everything will gonna be fine, but as usual when everything gets back to normal something abnormal happens in my life.

As per the sources, Tanuja and Rishi will come together only in dreams. Everyone is still angry due to Rano getting tortured in police lockup.

IBN7: Tanuja day dreams of getting back with Rishi. Things are still not sorted out. Many things happen in past few weeks. Her accident, Rano’s torture in police station, Rishi throwing her out and finally Tanuja remembering her past life.

SBS: Tanuja remembers her past life.

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