Kamalnarayan cuts Chakor’s strings

U Me & TV: During kite flying competition, Chakor was about to win but Kamalnarayan once again plays dirty game and cuts off Chakor’s thread with knife and make her lose the game.

Suraj’s IV: I am being tortured without any food.

Ragini’s IV: I am enjoy torturing Suraj.

Kamalnarayan also tortures Chakor.

Next segment shows, Udaan’s 700 episodes celebrations.

IBN7: Kamalnarayan once again plays dirty game which causes Chakor to lose the kite flying competition. Chakor tried to feed Suraj Khichdi but Kamalnarayan hits her hands and the bowl with food drops on the ground. After that Kamalnarayan tried feeding Chakor stale food but Chakor bites Kamalnarayan’s fingers. Kamalnarayan now gets angry and slaps Chakor hard.

SBS: Suraj being tortured by keeping him hungry for days. Ragni is teasing him by showing food but not giving him. Kamalnarayan is torturing everyone, even Suraj’s mom.
Interviews with Suraj & his mom regarding the on going scenes.

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