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Naina gets shot for Raghav

U Me & TV: During course of terrorist attack, Naina gets shot while saving Raghav. Veer and Sanjana had come to Naina in the market to say sorry, during this process suddenly terrorists attack. Sanjana was about to be shot by terrorist, Raghav jumps and leaps towards Sanjana to save her. Following Raghav, Naina too follows Raghav and gets shot.

Sanjana’s IV: Terrorists dressed up as Santa Claus and shooting seems bit funny. Lets hope it looks realistic.

SBS: Terrorists dressed as Santa Claus starts firing in the market and Naina gets shot.

SBB: Naina gets shot by terrorists while saving Raghav. Raghav tried to save Sanjana, following Raghav Naina gets shot.

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