Tanu protects Rishi

U Me & TV: Rishi and Tanuja reaches ‘Kaali Maa’s temple. Tanuja is asking Rishi’s life from Kaali Maa. She is complaining why in every life Rishi and Tanuja can never become one. In past life I was killed and now in this life Rishi. Why every time our love falters ?
Goons reaches the temple and takes Rishi away while Tanuja is being held.
Suddenly, Tanu gets some kind of magical power and she protects Rishi from those goons, who flees after seeing amazing power of Tanuja.

IBN7: Same as U Me & TV.
Rishi’s IV: Rishi was unconscious and Tanuja saves Rishi. She beats goons black and blue. We saw power of women today.

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