Anika reaches hospital to meet Shivaay

Spoiler news Rahul Dev to enter as BAD MAN in DBO


Reporter says anika has to do so much mehenat mushakkat to meet Shivaye
and OmRu and soumya help her to sneak into the hospital room thru the food trolley

shivaye is very happy to see anika
they share eyelock and smile
omru and soumya are very happy to see shivaye bhaiya so happy and they managed to make bhaiya-bhaabhi meet
but next moment Pinky mom makes an entry and anika hides under the bed
rudra and soumya try to distract Pinky by offering bhaiya hot soup and they make pinky get busy feeding him

on the other side anika holds his hand gently . shivaye can be seen feeling her hand lovingly Day DreamingHeart
suddenly Pinky notices something under the bed .. she bends down and exclaims OMM!!!
OmRuSou are scared that their plan might be discovered and anika will be revealed …

…but to their immense relief Pinky has noticed a used syringe lying under the bed and picks it up with disgust , she feels this is very poor cleanliness and hygiene on part of the hospital and she angrily goes to complain to the authorities .
OmRu support her and ask her to go and complain ..while Shivika carry on their hand hold Heart

offscreen reporter asks if she is suspecting some one who could harm Shivaye .. Surabhi says no they have not started suspecting any one .. she does not think Tia could be behind this .

shivaye ka tohfa
shivaye se milne chip chipkar aayi Anika
Anika ke pyaar mein Shivaye doobey

Rudra has brought a gift for Shivaye , sneaked it in hiding from his mom
shivaye recovers and regains consciousness the moment he feels Anika’s presence near him

Pinky has declared that anika is not allowed to venture any where near Shivaye . Anika says shivaye’s brothers help her sneak in thru the food trolley .
anika ko dekh kar he is feeling much better and he sits up and anika sits before him on the bed and they hold hands .y

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